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Join us for our ninth anniversary!


September 21-22  8:00PM

Giordano II

Michel Rodriguez Cintra

Jessica Miller Tomlinson Choreography

RE|dance group

Theresa Bautista

Eric Mullis

Weslie Ching

Corinne Imberski


September 28-29  8:00PM

South Chicago Dance Theatre

Kate Corby & Dancers

Aaron McGloin Dance

james morrow/THE MOVEMENT

MitchellMovement & Dancers

VADCO/Valerie Alpert

Aerial Dance Chicago

Jacksonville Dance Theatre


september 2017

The main thrust of HCCDF seems to be work that taps individuality, relying on a combination expressionistic movement invention, some unfettered to conventional dance technique, and some deriving from finely-honed technical underpinnings.

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