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VADCO/Valerie Alpert Dance Company

VADCO/Valerie Alpert Dance Company (Chicago, IL) is dedicated to fostering awareness and advancement of the arts throughout Illinois communities in the immediacy of contemporary dance as an art form. Founded in 2000, the company affords audiences of all ages various presentations of contemporary dance that challenge the imagination. VADCO is committed to the continued effort of advancing the arts through innovative choreography and collaboration with other artists, including composers, artists, and poets.

VADCO has touched thousands of people across the nation with its exciting choreographic programs and will continue to further excellence in dance in the Chicago area, as well as nationally and internationally. The programming activities in the last several years reflect the diverse community that VADCO serves with its mission to provide dance to a variety of communities in the Chicagoland area. While these communities often have the desire for art experiences they are not afforded the opportunities. VADCO is often the first dance organization to serve these communities. And, the diverse programming that VADCO brings to these communities is often tailored to the audiences it serves. Some highlights of the past year performances and workshops include the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (North Chicago), Art in Response to Violence at Northeastern Illinois University, Woodview Elementary school (Grayslake), and Grayslake North High School. Performances have been additional honored here at home at Block 37 to celebrate Audience Architects Chicago Dance Month and Moving Dialogues with the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. Additional festivals across the U.S. included invitations to perform in Boston Dance Festival, Wave Rising (New York), Detroit City Dance Festival, Midwest Alternative Arts Festival (Kalamazoo, MI), and Bell House Choreography Exchange (Tulsa).