Join us for the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, September 26-28, 2014 at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts! Don't miss this exciting weekend of innovative, dynamic performance featuring contemporary dance artists from Chicago and across the nation. Tickets available soon!

Friday 9/26 8PM

  • Same Planet Different World
  • Jaxon Movement Arts
  • Alex & Katja
  • Marcus White
  • The Leopold Group
  • Oni Dance/Maria Gillespie
  • Joel Hall Dancers
  • Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

Saturday 9/27 8PM

  • Giordano II
  • Diane McNeal Hunt/ELEVATE DanceWorks
  • Scott Bodily & Nicole Olson
  • Aerial Dance Chicago
  • Jacksonville Dance Theatre
  • Fukudance/Junichi Fukuda
  • Laurie Cameron & Company
  • Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre
  • RE|Dance Group

Sunday 9/28 3PM

  • Philip Elson
  • Rodero & Schuchart
  • Chris Johnson
  • Jose Luis
  • Dmitri Peskov
  • Esoteric Dance Project
  • mad arts group/Leigh Lotocki
  • MamLuft & Co Dance
  • Audra Sokol

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